Hi, I'm Nicole Wipp

Over the last two decades, I've built several companies to high levels of profitability, and I've learned that the choice to have balance can be an extremely difficult one.

Yet, today, aside from running two companies, I also have a family. Friends. Causes I contribute my time to.

We live in a business world where profitability and productivity are of utmost importance.  But to retain top talent (or even reasonably competent talent), companies have to recognize their talent's personal needs - the need to be a valued contributor, the need for regenerating mental and emotional energy, and the need to have a personal life.

I started Wipp Enterprises because I've learned that whether it's a small business or a large corporation, the only way to achieve a true balance of life - success in career and money along with success in your personal life - is to work within a strong team that is also highly productive.

I spent over a decade dedicating myself to becoming an expert in what actually makes profitable and productive teams work.  Initially, I did it for myself and my own companies...but as time went on, and I recognized the value of what I had learned, I knew I had to create a way for others to benefit from it.

That is the origin of Wipp Enterprises.  I am dedicated to helping companies create a workforce that is energized by their work, where the power of the team is brought to the highest and best use, and where everyone on the team is mentally and emotionally energized.

Are You Looking For Even More Productivity, From An Even Happier, Team?

Discover the ways that I, and my team, can help you.


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