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As an expert in building successful businesses through powerful teams, Nicole is an action-and-results oriented, articulate and energetic guest or speaker, that can add value to your training, podcast or speaking event.


"Impact! That’s what comes to mind when I think of our experience having Nicole as a speaker/trainer at our National event. While she only had 75 minutes, her high energy and intentionality took over from the start and engaged the participants in thought, mini experiences and open conversation that transformed the room. Her ability to take an ordinary topic and have the participants see it in a whole new way, created immediate opportunities for them to pursue they had never considered! I can’t imagine what would have happened if she had more time, we are already working with her to help us on future events!"

David J. Zumpano
Founder, Lawyers With Purpose, LLC

"Nicole Wipp knows her stuff and she’s not afraid to share it. The Huron Valley Chamber of Commerce had the extreme pleasure of having her as the guest presenter at our Multi-Chamber Breakfast in March of 2017. We wanted to have a presentation on Social Media Marketing for our attendees. I was particularly impressed with Nicole’s desire to make the presentation not only fun but accessible after the presentation. She made sure that attendees walked out of the breakfast with the bones to begin planning their social media strategy. She also made sure she was available to answer questions after the presentation and asked that she be contacted with additional questions. Plus, she had the crowd mesmerized during her presentation. Nicole is a dynamic speaker with knowledge that would benefit all business people. We just loved her. "

Jennifer Hill
Communications/Events Coordinator, Huron Valley Chamber of Commerce

"Your presentation was consistent with my education, MBA in Marketing and 18 years of experience in consulting. You took me beyond that and focused more on a number of good ideas for moving ahead in a changing world."

Jerry Scrivo
Detroit, MI

"Loved [your presentation]! Wonderful, specific information that we can utilize in business right away!"

Beth Skochelak
Katherine’s Catering / Lyon Oaks Conference Center

"The feedback from the client was that your session was the best part of their ENTIRE training!"

Kolbe Corp.
Re: A training presentation given on their behalf at client Financial Architects

"Nicole's explanations are clear and compelling. I feel completely re-energized and re-focused!"

Angela Shields

"I was validated...fantastic session. Loved the demo - incredibly accurate."

Jeannie Gardin-Russell
Financial Architects

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Expert Topics

Capturing and Replenishing the Mental Energy of Team Members

One of the biggest costs of organizations is the visible AND hidden costs of burn out, disengagement, and team members not being utilized to their fullest capacity.

Building a great team that is a catalyst to success, however, isn't so easy...as anyone that's tried it before can tell you.

Nicole can provide expert tips and commentary based on practical experience and years of consulting knowledge, to help business leaders bring their teams back their mental and emotional energy, and rise to new heights of personal and team productivity.

How To Build A Business That Runs Without You

One of the things that drives small business owners and entrepreneurs is the desire for freedom: freedom of time, money, energy, and relationships.

Nicole's expertise on building self-sustaining businesses is backed by experience.  She was blindsided by a rare lung disease diagnosis that kept her out of her company for almost 90 days.  Her company not only survived, but thrived.

Today, she uses this story as a powerful example of the importance of building strong team and internal structures, and can provide articles, interviews, tips and commentary on this topic. 

Using The Power Of Instinct In Teams and Marketing

Left to our own choice, each of us has an instinctive way of problem solving. Research shows that people are most productive when they are free to choose their own method of accomplishing a task or providing a solution.

As a certified Kolbe(R) solutions provider, Nicole can provide insight into this little-understood, yet powerful, way of looking at how people naturally take action, and how it can be used effectively in both team building and marketing.

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